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China’s World   (current affairs) x1   OR Media       2023

Farmer’s Country Showdown   (fact ent) x10   Sidney St/BBC1       2017-23

Mary Berry: Cook and Share    (factual entertainment) x1   Sidney St/BBC2       2022

Cracking The Code    (factual) x6  Blink /Curiosity Stream       2022

Spring Gardening with Carol Klein    (fact ent) x6   Knickerbockeyglory/C5       2022

Mary Berry: Love to Cook    (factual entertainment) x1   Sidney St/BBC2       2021

Ten Steps to Disaster: Twin Towers   (factual) x1   Blink /Smithsonian US/C5       2021

Coastal Devon & Cornwall with Michael Portillo   (travel) x1   Curve/C5      2021

Secrets/Ancient Mysteries   (history) x5   Blink /Smithsonian US/C5       2018-21

Impossible Builds (Iceworld)  (factual) x1   Blink/Discovery/PBS       2021

Mummy Mysteries   (history/ forensics)   x2   Blink /Travel Channel/C5       2020

Mystic Britain    (history /humour)   x5   Blink/Smithsonian UK       2019-2020 

The Nile with Bettany Hughes  (history/travel)    x1   360/C5     2019

We’ll Meet Again with Ann Curry (social history)   x2   Blink/PBS     2018

Unearthed S3   (history)   x2 Windfall/Discovery Science     2018

Cathedrals with Tony Robinson (history)   x1  Elephant House – C5         2018

Masterchef   x28   Shine – BBC1/2        2007-17

Masterchef, the Professionals   x11    Shine/BBC2        2009-17

Cruising With Jane McDonald   x1    C5     2017

Gogglesprogs    x12   Studio Lambert/C4           2016-17 

Adolf & Eva: Love & War   (drama doc)   x1   C5     2016 

Bear Grylls: Mission Survive    x2 Betty – ITV           2015-16

Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch  (cooking)   x3 OPTP – BBC     2015

Through the Hole in the Wall  (Social History) Age Concern/ Islington Council    2015

Beyond Magic With DMC  (magic, history)   x2 Windfall – NatGeo              2015

Celebrity Masterchef   x13   Shine/ BBC1       2008-15

Junior Masterchef   x1  Shine/BBC1        2014

Building the World Cup  (engineering/ fact ent)   x1   Blink – Discovery               2014

Jimmy Doherty: Food Prices, the Shocking Truth  x2  Oxford Scientific/C4      2014

Meet The Sloths  (wildlife ent)   x4 Blink – Animal Planet     2013

World’s Top 5 S1 & 2 (engineering/ fact ent)   x6 Blink – Discovery           2012-13

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery   x5   OPTP /C4     2013

Gok Cooks Chinese   x2   Optomen/C4                 2012

The Decryptors   (history/ forensics doc)   x2   Shine/NatGeo     2011

Time Team S16,17,18 (archaeology)   x7   C4/Discovery           2009-11

The Delicious Miss Dahl    (fact ent)   x2   FreshOne/BBC2     2010

How Do They Do That   (factual)   x2   Wag TV/Discovery US     2010

Homes Under The Hammer     x30   Lion/BBC1           2005-09

Weird Connections   (science factual)   x4   Outline/Discovery      2009

Horizon– ‘How Much is Your Dead Body Worth  x1   BBC2     2008

Evacuation    (children’s fact ent)   x5   Twenty Twenty /CBBC               2006

The Sun   (astronomy, history)   x1  BBC4     2006

World’s Greatest Gambling Scams  (crime)   x2   ZKK/Flextech     2006

No Waste Like Home  (factual)   x1   Celador/BBC2     2006

How To Sleep Better with Dr Robert Winston  (science )   x1 BBC1    2006

25 Years of Watchdog    (clip & interview)   x1 BBC1               2005

Get a New Life (factual)   x2   Brighter/ BBC2     2004

TSI Post Production   (online, offline, promos, gfx, fact ent)      2000-2003

GMTV   (news, sport, features, promos)        1995-2000

Yorkshire TV  (news)      1994-1995

Meadowhall TV (corporate, entertainment)       1992-1995